We are fully licensed and insured to provide the following services and more. If you don’t see what you are looking for here please contact us so we can discuss your project needs to determine if we can help.

Commercial Construction Layout

We are highly experienced and qualified in the realm of commercial construction layout. We understand the complex and detail oriented layout services required to get high profile projects completed. From Airports to Skyscrapers,quality is always imperative to our work. No matter what your layout needs are, deep foundations, pre-cast,anchor bolts, pan slabs, interior wall layout, or even curb and grade staking, we have the experience and capability for the layout you are looking for.

Topographic & As-built Land Surveys

In many cases, municipal authorities require a survey of all of the existing features on a property in order for the owner to acquire permits for improvements. Design professionals such as Civil Engineers and Architects also need surveys of the existing conditions and features of a property in order to do their work. We can accommodate these needs to almost any level of detail our clients require. Whether its buildings, contour lines, sanitary and storm sewers, utilities, trees, roadways, pond volumes, etc., we can produce drawings to represent it to whomever may need it. NGS (National Geodetic Survey) Coordinate systems and Datums are sometimes required for these surveys and we have the means via our survey grade static GPS to provide this.

Boundary Land Surveys

In the case of Residential or Commercial properties, any real estate professional can tell you how important a clear and current boundary survey is for current property owners or potential buyers. Older surveys and their legal descriptions can many times lack detail or be missing important encroachments like fences or walls that have been constructed over the years since the last survey. We take steps in doing proper deed and plat research of the subject property as well as the adjoining properties in order to identify and clarify the actual boundary lines. In many cases, care must be taken to properly identify these lines on the ground and the replacement of corner markers or pins must be made in order to substantiate the evidence for future surveys. Once surveyed, we can provide plats and legal descriptions of the findings stamped by a Licensed State Registered Land Surveyor.

Route & Transportation Surveys

We have many years of experience in surfacing and layout of transportation route surveys. Because of this, we offer a wide range of surveying services related to transportation projects including, alignment staking via station and offset, Right-of-Way staking, Right-of-Way resolution, slope staking, bridge surveys, and hydrology cross sections. Even the more complex alignments involving spiral curves and super-elevations are of no stranger to us. We are familiar with GDOT surveying procedures for even the largest road projects as well as light rail transportation projects.

FEMA Elevation Certificates

Many flood prone areas have properties that are required to carry flood insurance by the Federal Government. Elevations of the buildings and structures in these areas are required to be surveyed by a Licensed Surveyor in order to qualify for flood insurance. Depending on the FEMA designated flood zone that the property is located, dictates the magnitude of the survey and flood analysis needed for a certificate to be issued. Typically, these surveys can be done quickly, in just a few days, as to accommodate a real estate closing. Please contact us for scheduling in these cases.

Other Miscellaneous Surveys

There are numerous other types of surveys to list in which we are capable such as: ALTA Surveys, Settlement Surveys, Bathometric Surveys, and Liquor Surveys, just to name a few. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any of your surveying needs as we are confident we can help to provide a surveying solution for your particular project.


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As Land Surveyors, we are naturally explorers, but at Atlas Group Unlimited this doesn't begin or end in the field. We want to take the time and explore all the possible services we can offer towards your project, from the first discussion, to the final delivery of services.


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